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Mindset determines performance. So, how to make a mind shift?


Monika Wojtasińska Felicio

Change Facilitator helping increase teams' impact. Specialized in People Strategy, Culture, Change Management and Organizational Development.
Has over 12 years of experience working with multiple companies in Portugal and Poland.

She sees herself as a lifelong learner and an explorer of organizational development, effectiveness, conscious life & leadership.
Her motto: Do good things and do them well.

Organizational Agility - 22nd August

Mindset determines performance. So, how to make a mind shift?

There’s a revolutionary map that’s changing coaching. Adult development theory holds the answers to many of the questions about people's mindset. Learn how to turn around the way you or people around you think.

In school, sports and business, studies have repeatedly shown that people with a growth mindset outperform their fixed mindset peers. The same applies to organizations - growth mindset cultures are more agile and have better performance.

Have you ever wondered how we can help people “change” their mindset? How much it depends on the environment and how much on the individual? How to overcome immunity to change?

Let's talk about it and experience how to make a mind shift.

Are you ready to take a new perspective?

Interactive Workshop, 50 min - includes a short presentation and interactive Q&A