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ALE19 Stories

ALE19 Bloopers

  • First version of ALE logo looked like this. Pretty good, hmm?


  • ALE19 Mascot should look like a seagull, not a pinguin!


  • During almost 5 months, the ALE19 website had a submenu "Travel by Plain" instead of, well... you know, that thing called Airplane, shorten, Plane. Only 5 days before ALE start, Silvana warned the team after receiving our ALE19 newsletter.


  • 10 minutes before the zoom connection with Alistair Cockburn, on the 22nd of August, he told he was inviting 2 more guesses.
    Sónia and Eduardo purchased in a rush the zoom payed version, so that the connection won't be time limited.
    While Alistair was talking, the 10 minutes left warning appeared: instead of purchased the Pro version, Sónia and Eduardo purchased a Zoom Room, so the connection ended before Alistair finished his words. We had to reconnect.

ALE 19 Fun Facts

  • At the first face-to-face meeting of some of the organizers at the Espinho beach, both Eduardo and Mike was wearing a green shirt, so Ricardo called them lettuces.
    At that time, a funny Lidl commercial was very popular, relating lettuces from Lidl as a symbol of extreme courage because there is no perspective of tomorrow.
    And that's how the ALE19 Org Team lemma was born: "I'm a Lidl lettuce!"
  • There is a lettuce draw at each ALE19 board! Will you play "Where's Lettuce Wally" version?


  • All the 10 organizers have different names without a single repetition, which is highly unlikely, because of so many people with common names like João or Pedro for the boys, Ana or Maria for the girls: Ângela, Diana, Eduardo, Hugo, Inês, Letícia, Mike, Ricardo, Sofia, Sónia.


  • In several Team Meetings, Mike actually had problems with his mic.