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Agile Motivation – Why Agility Rocks!

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Maren Baermann

I am an innovation psychologist and passionate about supporting teams in creativity and strengthening their agile mindset. Motivation is one of the core components in enabling creativity. I believe that an innovation culture which strives to make agility possible, is a fantastic start to prepare for a complex future.

As an innovation consultant I facilitate idea workshops and creativity trainings. I also provide Agile Softskill seminars for Product Owners. I enjoy combining my insights from my M.S. Psychology and my M.S. Creative Studies with experiences from working in a big corporate, teaching at university and my competences from consulting companies and teams as a freelance since 2009.

Organizational Agility - 21st August

Agile Motivation – Why Agility Rocks!

Some companies try to motivate their people with perks & “cool” work settings. Yet, somehow, that eventually seems to drain motivation instead. How come? There’s a scientific explanation for that & some hands-on options for achieving a high motivation level e.g. in agile teams & devops environments.

This talk is about motivation.
Specifically, it is about the psychology of motivation and the three levers that enable the development of a sustainable, autonomous motivation in people.
And true agility serves these three levers astonishingly well.

When they are mishandled, though, they can turn highly motivated teams into a passive group of people who are merely coding according to specification or working to meet minimum requirements.
This talk explains, how carrot and stick systems kill motivation and why working according to the agility values and with a growth mindset (when done properly) works so well.

Presentation - 40 min + 10 min Q&A