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The Coaching Factor within the Agile Coach

Maike Stolte

Maike Stolte

Maike is an ICF certified Coach (PCC), NLP Practitioner and body-centred Gestalt therapist, who has worked with companies and individuals alike to gain more clarity, direction and motivation in work and life.
She works with local and global minds who are looking to expand their potential in agile leadership whilst going through digital transformation.

Agile Practices - 22nd August

The Coaching Factor within the Agile Coach

Do you want people to perform better? Then you need to really understand people.

Re-thinking Agile Coaching focuses on Coaching as the key driver for change.

As you know, the work of an Agile Coach can be daunting and exhausting: a slowly transforming company culture and lack of agile leadership, together with differing levels of maturity can turn team coaching into quite a drag.
Understanding the human aspect of agile transformation is key to creating impact in digital transformation.
In this workshop you will find out how to empower the coaching stance within the Agile Coach.

Do you find that juggling all the five competencies of an agile coach can be a tough cookie?

Re-thinking Agile Coaching focuses on Coaching as the key driver for transformation. Since I joined the Agile Community I have been astounded of how powerful coaching abilities are when dealing with teams in complex environments. In the end, the ability to change and adapt are inherent human traits.

However most of us have been tinted by a technical background of IT, engineering or at times business that leave little room for the human factor. This workshop will help you broaden your personal & professional spectrum in a way that you will have hands-on tools for next week when you go back working side by side with your teams.

Find out how to transform businesses and impact people by using powerful questions, speaking from a stance of curiosity and service. Learn how to change mindsets so that a team transforms from the inside out, creating insight and new ways of working.

Stop talking, start listening.

This workshop is for you if you want to explore ways and tools to impact team dynamics and create a culture of transformation from the inside out.

Interactive Workshop - 40 min + 10 min Q&A