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Just add Play - A key ingredient in healthy organisations

HannaInstructor - Skill Seekers

Hanna Karlsson

Hanna Karlsson is an agile professional with over 10 years of experience working with teams to facilitate flow, improve engagement and product quality.

Originally from Sweden, Hanna has also spent time working in a variety of IT roles in Australia and the Carribean, in different sized organisations — startups to multinational. She founded The Workshopper and SkillSeekers (and a few other business ideas that failed fast).

Her interest is now focused on neuroscience and positive psychology. In particular the connections with the benefits of play and agile ways of working. Hoping to bring more playfulness to working life, as well as building connections between Australia and Europe.

Organizational Agility - 21st August

Just add Play - A key ingredient in healthy organisations

We have created a world of increasing speed of change and interruption, where adaptability and innovation are required. We need healthy organisations for survival and success! Playfulness is a key ingredient in creating an environment with safe, happy and engaged people where creativity can flourish.

While the benefits of play have been recognised in fields such as psychology and neuroscience, a resistance still remains.
Play is often seen as a frivolous activity; less valuable than ‘productive time’. But in these times of increasing speed of change and importance of adaptability, play is crucial!

It enables us to improve adaptability, create psychological safety, increase engagement and, maybe most importantly, it can allow us to embrace ambiguity and creativity.

Plus, you might just get a laugh out of it in the process : )

Presentation - 40 min + 10 min Q&A