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What Does Good Agile Look Like?

Cristina Moura Rebelo

Cristina Moura Rebelo

With more than 10 years of experience in complex project management, Cristina currently manages a team of 20+ developing Meo TV.

With a degree in Management, a graduation at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and two project management certifications, blogger and writer (both technical articles and poetry books!), married and mother of two, Cristina is a fierce Agilist and DevOps evangelist.

Organizational Agility - 21st August

What Does Good Agile Look Like?

Agile is being misinterpreted, badly applied and we had to come to hear about bad agile or dark scrum to see we're getting it wrong, making the same mistakes all over again. But what's so wrong about it and what does good agile mean?

Let's look at the left side of the Agile Manifesto to find out:

- good people interacting. People who master their trade, who collaborate extensively. People who question their processes (and change them as needed!) each step of the way

- good, clean, working software. Containing all the backlog items we’ve undertaken to do. With builds running as frequently as possible.

- collaborating with the customer. Which implies knowing who your customer is. And thinking of business capabilities rather than systems or plaforms. And organizing around this new normal.

- responding to change. Even software has to respond quickly. Applying refactoring and other techniques that allow us to change without breaking things.

Making sure that continuous learning is as important as continuous delivery and that diversity and collaboration are always there can go a long way when it comes to have a good PDCA cycle.

Presentation - 20 min + 5 min QA