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Agile in Structural Engineering

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Chris Mc Farlane

Chris started his career as a Structural Engineer in South Africa, working on variety of projects from mining to commercial and residential.
After completing an MBA at IE Business school, he went on to consult in various countries, working with Alvarez and Marsal.

He moved to Hamburg, Germany in 2018 and landed at Xing as an Agile Project Manager, where he currently enjoys adding value.

Agility in Engineering Practices - 23rd August

Agile in Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is seeing a shift towards Agile and Lean methods that is changing the way we build our environment.

Structural Engineering, the design of our physical environment, seems like the furthest discipline from the IT born Agile methods.
However, the principles of Agile lend themselves well to complex projects where client expectations are high, constant change is the norm, and the end product is of such importance. I dive into how Agile is being used by engineering firms to deliver successful projects.

Presentation - 20 min + 5 min Q&A